Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Home Canned Green Beans, baby goats, and sunflowers!

So we ate our fist cans of home grown and canned green beans!  Im so excited they were yummy!!  The KIDS even liked them!  Differently have to pack larger jars next time the pint ones were not enough ( shocking!)   I just boiled them on the stove till hot drained them and put butter on them then back on the stove till the butter melted!  My favorite way to make them easy and Yummy!  We had them with home grown T-bone steak from mt daughters show steer.  It was a great home grown meal! 

Then we get up this am and Wade and the kids go out to feed the cows and goats  and my oldest finds one of the show doe's dead.  She was fine last night and gone this am.  It really makes you think how fragile life is.  She had a doeling less then a month ago and now its up to us to raise her.  Its always hard for the kids when an animal passes but they understand that we as livestock owners have to pick up and carry on because there are several other animals counting on us.  

And because pretty flowers make me happy I will leave you with some pictures of my Sunflowers that are growing out back. 

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