Monday, June 1, 2015

Fresh food

I hope everyone had a relaxing Sunday!  Today has been a busy day for us!  We had planned to get and head off to church this morning but I could hardly move my back hurt so bad.  At about two this afternoon I finally had to go out side because our last puppy from our most recent litter was leaving and I had to meet the new owners.   Then once they left one thing led to another and after we went it Mons to pick up the kids, I recited it would be fun ( and a good idea) to try freezing and canning some veggies I have.   So wash and cut....for hours.   Then I get my brand new pressure cooker out  (so excited). But what I did not realize it it would take forever!   OMG. Its after midnight and I'm still waiting for it to let me take the jars out of it.  There is only six lonely jars of green beans in the thing really over and hour?!?!?!?!?   I have they are the best green beans ever!  So I hope your Sunday has been relaxing!   Till next time, Stephanie

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